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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Honoring the greenest among us

Perhaps one of your neighbors has been capturing his or her rainwater to help their garden for years. Maybe your boss is devoted to recycling and encourages others to do the same. Whoever they are, they could be eligible for a new Sustainability Leadership award.

The Green Week Committee is accepting nominations to provide awards during the April 19-23 Green Week celebrations.


 (March 25, 2010, Page 1)

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    New DUI testing vehicles to help catch impaired drivers

    Impaired drivers on state highways could soon come face-to-face with a BAT mobile, but instead of a black cape and bat ears, it will be troopers with the Mississippi Highway Patrol who will be fighting crime and bringing drunk drivers to justice. (March 24, 2010, Page 1A)

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      Pet stores coming to Oxford

      Two new pet stores are coming to Oxford this year. The first opening at the end of April focuses on healthy eating for your pets. The Memphis-based company, Hollywood Feed, has been around for over 50 years and is now beginning to branch out into new markets. The second is national chain PetSmart set to open at the end of the year. (March 22, 2010, Page 6)

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        Construction comeback?

        There are signs of renewed life in the local construction industry. For the city of Oxford, February saw 103 permits pulled for new construction and renovation projects totaling about $1.6 million in new investment and $13,551 in permit fees. This compares to January when 74 permits were pulled for about $1.2 million in new investment and $8,128 in permit fees.

         (March 19, 2010, Page 1A)

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          New animal shelter on the way

          The city has approved a design builder, Heritage Development, for the new Oxford Animal Shelter. The preliminary design has been drafted, and final design plans will be created within 30 days. Groundbreaking should occur by May 1. (March 18, 2010, Page 1)

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            Cedar Oaks help on hold

            Oxford is set to make needed repairs to Cedar Oaks, but the historic home is not yet property of the city. The hold up is in obtaining the last seven covenant agreements needed from property owners near the house. Due to the delay, the Board of Aldermen postponed a vote on providing funds to the Oxford Convention and Visitors Bureau on Tuesday. (March 18, 2010, Page 1)

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              Going for Google’s goods

              If Google wants to bring the Internet to everyone in a community, the city of Oxford would like to roll out the welcome mat for them. The Oxford Board of Aldermen agreed Tuesday to have Stewart Rutledge lead the community’s effort to convince Google to select Oxford as one of the company’s test sites for a new ultra-high speed broadband network.
              For more information, visit Fiber for Oxford.

               (March 17, 2010, Page 1A)

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                City aims to solve flooding woes

                The Oxford Board of Aldermen approved up to $50,000 to purchase materials to help solve flooding issues on Chandler Avenue after a storm brought two inches of rain to Oxford last Wednesday and caused damage to the area.

                 (March 17, 2010, Page 1A)

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                  Public’s help wanted to improve Pathways

                  Taking advantage of upcoming events, the Oxford Pathways Commission hopes to get feedback from the community about the upcoming phase three of the Pathways project.
                  The commission will present the ideas to the community during Green Week on April 20, which is being celebrated as Transportation Day, and on City Day on April 23.
                  Then a public hearing will be held to discuss phase three plans on the kickoff of Bike Week on May 17 at 5 p.m. in Oxford City Hall.

                   (March 16, 2010, Page 2A)

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                    Integration leader dies at 79

                    The woman who took the issue of Oxford schools’ integration to federal court died Saturday at her home in Oxford. Called “the Fannie Lou Hamer of Lafayette County,” Mildred Quarles was an outspoken leader during the local struggle for the integration of public schools — brought to a head when she placed her own son’s name on the federal lawsuit filed against Oxford city schools in 1969. (March 16, 2010, Page 2A)

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