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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

T.J. Ray

Who to vote for … who to vote for

Local columnist T.J. Ray is looking over his options as far as voting in upcoming elections, and he’s wondering about candidates from both major parties. (April 24, 2015, Page 4A)

Computer use needs more evaluation

Local columnist T.J. Ray takes a look at computer use by students in schools and suggests that more evaluation is needed about how much it helps and how it affects students’ learning. (April 17, 2015, Page 4A)

A man’s home is his castle — until …

Local columnist T.J. Ray writes about the freedom one feels after paying off a car or, even more, your house, and then wonders how those in that situation feel when eminent domain or the ruling of a preservation committee all but tells them their home is not really theirs alone. (April 10, 2015, Page 4A)

It depends on what you want to know

Local columnist T.J. Ray writes about a video he received recently showing college students being asked questions, and he expressed concern about some of the answers they knew and didn’t know. (March 27, 2015, Page 4B)

That’s a lot of cigarette butts

Local columnist T.J. Ray, after seeing a motorist flip a cigarette butt out his window recently, checked into how many cigarettes an average smoker goes through in a year and the overall effect of all those filters on the environment. (March 13, 2015, Page 4)

Dancing politicians

Local columnist T.J. Ray takes a look back at a recent program in town that featured two state legislators discussing education and other issues in Mississippi. (March 6, 2015, Page 4)

Pondering traffic control and speeders

Local columnist T.J. Ray, after seeing a state trooper stopping someone on a rural road, wondered about traffic laws, enforcement and dealing with speeders. (February 27, 2015, Page 4)

State Reps’ funding move very disturbing

Local columnist T.J. Ray reacts to word that the Mississippi House of Representatives didn’t come anywhere near fully funding education for the upcoming fiscal year. (February 19, 2015, Page 4A)

Lawmakers and education — who needs the public?

Local columnist T.J. Ray takes a look at education issues in Mississippi and how some are being handled by state lawmakers and other interest groups. (February 12, 2015, Page 4A)

Naming the new football team

Local columnist T.J. Ray takes a humorous look at what it might be like to come up with a team name and mascot for a new university, college or high school football team. (February 6, 2015, Page 4A)

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