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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Steve Stricker

My first car: a beautiful 1957 Chevy Belair

Columnist remembers his first car, a 1957 Chevrolet Belair with fondness. (April 19, 2015, Page 3C)

Southern snow the best kind of all

Southern snow is great because it looks beautiful and melts fast and columnist Steve Stricker shares his thoughts this week about Oxford’s recent snow fall. (March 15, 2015, Page 2C)

Precious memories, precious friends

Columnist Steve Stricker is thankful for friends, both with and without fur. (February 22, 2015, Page 2C)

The teacher prepares to teach

Columnist Steve Stricker was asked to fill in for a teacher friend and teach a class on genetics recently. (February 1, 2015, Page 2C)

Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate our heroes

Columnist Steve Stricker writes this week about one his heroes – his son. (November 23, 2014, Page 2C)

Way to go, Rebels!

Columnist Steve Stricker remembers fondly going to Notre Dame football games and congratulates the Rebels and MSU on outstanding seasons so far. (October 19, 2014, Page 3C)

Coach Bianco heads up Ole Miss baseball with class

Columnist Steve Stricker tells of his admiration for Ole Miss’s winning baseball coach. (July 4, 2014, Page 1B)

A letter to God

Steve Stricker writes a letter to God thanking Him for guidance and love. (June 6, 2014, Page 5B)

My perfect May birthday gift

Steve Stricker got his perfect birthday gift — a 1971 MGB/GT that he sold in 2011. (May 9, 2014, Page 1B)

Yes, Virgina there is an Easter bunny

Steve Stricker remembers the day he found out the Easter Bunny wasn’t exactly who he thought he was. (April 11, 2014, Page 1B)

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