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Monday, May 25, 2015

Scout Julany

Acts of kindness go a long way

Living in Oxford reminds Columnist Scout Julany how kindness can make the world seem a little nicer. (September 14, 2014, Page 1C)

Going primative with no TV

Columnist Scout Julany would rather watch life happening around her than stare at a big, black box.

 (June 13, 2014, Page 1B)

Windows to the world

Columnist Scout Julany writes this week about her front-row show in her backyard (February 28, 2014, Page 1B)

Family memories to last a lifetime

Scout Julany’s family history is peppered with memorable holiday tales: The year all the kids played an in-the-dark variation of tag in the basement and laundry room and her cousin got a hangar stuck in her nose and the Thanksgiving when her family used the ping-pong table for dinner and her uncle accidentally collapsed the corner leg, nearly landing the turkey in his lap. (January 24, 2014, Page 1B)

Finding my home in Oxford

New columnist Scout Julany introduces herself to Oxford Living readers by sharing how she found her home in Oxford. (November 8, 2013, Page 1B)

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