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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ryan Miller

Who does Shirley Cate think she is?

Who do you think you are? Are you defined by your job? Your family? Your values? Columnist Ryan Miller talks about what defines him as a person in today’s Oxford Living. (March 23, 2012, Page 1B)

Sibling revelry

Columnist Ryan Miller fondly remembers growing up with his brother after a friend’s grief reminds him of the importance of siblings. (January 27, 2012, Page 1B)

‘Say that again?’

Columnist Ryan Miller communicates to readers about the art of communication. (October 7, 2011, Page 1B)

The measurement of a year

Since the birth of his daughter a year ago, columnist Ryan Miller has had a year’s worth of diapers, tears and grateful moments.

 (July 1, 2011, Page 1B)

Seasonal reflections

Ryan Miller’s recent visit to see his grandparents in California took a new meaning as an adult than when he visted with them as a child. During his visit, he realized that life is a collection of seasons, with each one bringing new challenges, joys, pains, achievements and losses. (March 18, 2011, Page 1B)

A short jog makes lifetime of memories

Generations columnist Ryan Miller tells readers how a simple jog along Oxford’s streets with his small daughter showed him just how blessed he is. Read his moving story in today’s Oxford Living section. (January 21, 2011, Page 1B)

Whatever happened to Indiana Jones?

Local columnist Ryan Miller remembers days of playing Indiana Jones and using imagination and sticks to create fun before the big technology boom.

Walk down memory lane with him in today’s Oxford EAGLE. (December 10, 2010, Page 1B)

Finding the perfect Grove spot is like Manifest Destiny

I was always fascinated by the idea that families would gather all of their worldly belongings into one wagon, brave the elements of the unforgiving west, and race to stake their claim to something they hadn’t even seen before. I remember trying to imagine what that must feel like. I would imagine the fear of not knowing what lay ahead and the anxiousness over this potentially dangerous, one way trip.

Then I found the “Grove” at Ole Miss and didn’t have to imagine anymore! (October 8, 2010, Page 1B)

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