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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Randy Weeks

The bright light of darkness

Religion writer Randy Weeks writes this week about spiritual darkness and how God can see us through it.

  (July 4, 2014, Page 5B)

Harnessing doubt

While doubt is something everyone encounters, learning to control and “harness” it can make for a great ride.

 (June 13, 2014, Page 5B)

Naked and unafraid

Religion columnist Randy Weeks wants readers to learn to love themselves, just the way they are. (May 16, 2014, Page 5B)

The only weapon against evil

Religion columnist Randy Weeks describes the true meaning of evil and how love can defeat it. (May 2, 2014, Page 5B)

Good stewardship is relative

Religion columnist Randy Weeks writes about the cost of spreading the word. (April 18, 2014, Page 5B)

The Beginning

Religion columnist Randy Weeks writes about the beginning of time and how science and religion aren’t always so different. (April 4, 2014, Page 5B)

SB2681: Two, four, six, eight! It’s legal to discriminate!

Religion columnist Randy Weeks writes this week about the controversial bill. (March 7, 2014, Page 5B)

What do you do when you put the snake down?

While some religious practices may seem strange, religion columnist Randy Weeks believe all should be respected if they lead the person to be a better person. (February 28, 2014, Page 3B)

In God we trust

Religion Randy Weeks is concerned Mississippi may be setting itself up for failure by putting “In God We Trust” by acting hypocritical. (February 14, 2014, Page 5B)

Capital punishment denies that life is sacred

Religion columnist Randy Weeks writes about capital punishment and how he believes it relates to God’s word. (January 31, 2014, Page 5B)

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