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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Randy Weeks

The Living Word

Religion columnist Randy Weeks writes this week about seeking truth and finding it in God. (February 22, 2015, Page 5C)

It was a cold and rainy night …

Religion columnist Randy Weeks says cold, rainy days are a good time to relax and spend more time being than doing. (February 8, 2015, Page 5C)

Peace on Earth – Good will to all? Why not?

Religion columnist Randy Weeks would like to see more good will spread by all of us, during the holidays and beyond. (December 21, 2014, Page 5C)

All God’s children — or are we?

Religion columnist writes this week about the Christian community learning to love the sinners despite their beliefs about the sin. (November 30, 2014, Page 5C)

ALL Saints Day

Religion columnist Randy Weeks recognizes “saints” he’s encountered during his life, both dead and alive who have enriched his life. (November 2, 2014, Page 5C)

Jimmy Carter in hell

Religion columnist Randy Weeks writes about his support for former President Jimmy Carter who received backlash from the Christian community lately for saying Jesus didn’t discriminate against anyone, including those in the LGBT community. (October 19, 2014, Page 5C)

Climate of change

Religion columnist Randy Week believe it’s not only everyone’s responsibility to protect Earth but a moral obligation. (October 5, 2014, Page 5C)

Keeping Mississippi safe from the alien children

Religion columnist Randy Weeks gives Gov. Bryant a strong talking to over Bryant’s treatment of  immigrant children. (September 21, 2014, Page 5C)

Straining at gnats

Religion columnist Randy Weeks takes on Christians who bash others over trivial things like word use and being hyper-religious and not spiritual. (September 7, 2014, Page 5C)

The bright light of darkness

Religion writer Randy Weeks writes this week about spiritual darkness and how God can see us through it.

  (July 4, 2014, Page 5B)

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