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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Milly West

The world needs creative thinkers

Columnist Milly West challenges everyone to see out creative answers to education and health issues plaguing Mississippi. (February 15, 2015, Page 3C)

Teach your children well, or business as usual?

Milly West covers politics, birth control options and environmental policies in this week’s Teaming Up column. (July 11, 2014, Page 3B)

Make headlines

Columnist Milly West writes about the effects of ignoring overloading the atmosphere with CO2 and climate change. (May 9, 2014, Page 3B)

Our war against nature – we can’t win

Environmentalist Milly West warns against the use of pesticides, cutting down trees and lack of bees.

  (January 10, 2014, Page 3B)

Waste not, want not

Milly West  dispels some myths about sustainable living, organic foods and alternate power. (October 4, 2013, Page 2B)

The new dirty word

Columnist Milly West shares her letter she wrote to the Lafayette County Supervisors over her concern about lack of planning in the county. (September 6, 2013, Page 2B)

Oxford for the future – putting the WE in what we do

Environment columnist Milly West promotes citizens getting involved with local government to help better plan for Oxford’s growth. (August 2, 2013, Page 3B)

Sustainable growth – every decision matters

Columnist Mill West hopes city and county leaders start to control big development. (July 12, 2013, Page 3B)

Help wanted — and a good night’s sleep

Green columnist Milly West asks the community help her to make Oxford a healthy and sustainable place to call home for future generations. (June 7, 2013, Page 2B)

Oxford’s legacy is ours to write

Recycling efforts should start at home and cross over into our community, says columnist Milly West. (May 3, 2013, Page 2B)

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