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Friday, May 29, 2015

Luisa Arico

Comfort in a Pot

Luisa Arico, Eating Well columnist, shares her recipe for chilly days. (January 26, 2011, Page 8)

Just for the Holidays – ‘Straw and Hay’

Luisa Arico serves up another of her Italian hits in this Thanksgiving recipe for Paglia e Fieno for four. (November 24, 2010, Page 8A)

Lemons – My daily sunshine!

Italian cooking expert Luisa Arico gets her daily sunshine not from oranges, but from lemons. Arico writes about picking and using lemons as well as giving a basic vinagrette recipe. (September 15, 2010, Page 7)

‘Sammoriglio’ – a Sicilian sauce that’s easy, versatile

Local food columnist Luisa Arico, who writes about Italian cooking, gives the background of one favorite sauces and the recipe for the tasty treat. (April 28, 2010, Page 11)

Holy vegetables — ‘Benedetto’ for four

For Luisa Arico, our “Italian Cooking Made Easy” columnist, artichokes, asparagus, English peas and green onions are an unbeatable combination. She shares her recipe for a vegetable-rich dish called “Il Benedetto,” which she serves it for every Easter Sunday dinner.

 (March 31, 2010, Page 14)

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