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Saturday, April 19, 2014

John Arrechea

Scobey man collects old bottles

John Arrechea writes this week about Marion Baker of Scobey who collected more than 2,000 old bottles. (March 7, 2014, Page 3B)

Letters to the Editor

John Arrechea writes to give support for changes in Oxford’s tree ordinance that would protect older, larger trees. (February 28, 2014, Page 4A)

Westward Ho!

John Arrechea writes about the time he and his wife, Lois, took a car trip to Nevada. (February 14, 2014, Page 3B)

Yesteryear’s scrapbooking

John Arrechea takes a look back through time by perusing through one of the scrapbooks he filled in the 1930s and ’40s. (December 27, 2013, Page 3B)

Happy memories among the trees

John Arrechea shares some happy memories from his life on a tree farm. (November 1, 2013, Page 3B)

A tree farmer’s trip educational, enjoyable

John Arrechea and his wife, Lois, were recently awarded Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year. One gift was a trip to the 20th National Tree Farmer’s Convention in Minneapolis. Read about the experience in Mr. Arrechea’s column in Oxford Living. (October 4, 2013, Page 3B)

Oxford’s southern magnolias

Tree man John Arrechea gives some homage to Oxford’s historic southern magnolias. (May 17, 2013, Page 2B)

A mule ride I’ll never forget

Former forester John Arrechea tells us about a unusual ride offer he received in 1963 in the woods of Arkansas. (March 15, 2013, Page 2B)

George and Martha’s trees

Two trees planted in 1932 to honor George and Martha Washington still stand tall on the University of Mississippi campus. (February 15, 2013, Page 2B)

Letters to the Editor

John Arrechea writes about the history of Avent Park and the watershed in the area, and urges city leaders to consider a different answer for the problem. (April 25, 2012, Page 4)

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