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Friday, February 27, 2015

Joanne Wilkinson

Chairlift conversation

Columnist Joanne Wilkinson enjoyed the ski lift almost as much, if not more, than actually skiing during a recent trip to Colorado. (February 8, 2015, Page 2C)

Why I love retirement

Columnist Joanne Wilkinson is enjoying retirement and the days of TGIF being behind her. (January 4, 2015, Page 2C)

The tooth fairy

Columnist Joanne Wilkinson has fond memories of the Tooth Fairy and wouldn’t mind having her job. (December 7, 2014, Page 2C)

Supermarkets: big, small and nonexistent

Big supermarkets weren’t an option for columnist Joanne Wilkinson when she lived in Indonesia and become a hoarder. (November 9, 2014, Page 3C)

Exploring Quebec

Joanne Wilkinson took a trip to Quebec recently and shares her experience with her readers this week. (October 12, 2014, Page 2C)

First date misadventures

Columnist Joanne Wilkinson shares some of her first date stories in this week’s Oxford Living. (September 4, 2014, Page 1B)

Beware of the trolls!

Columnist Joanne Wilkinson confesses some childhood fears and grown-up worries. (August 15, 2014, Page 2B)

Voted No. 1, now let’s live up to it

Columnist Joanne Wilkinson is asking for everyone’s help to keep Oxford looking clean. (July 18, 2014, Page 1B)

Doing a good job matters

Take time to thank those who work hard to make others safe, healthy and happy. (June 20, 2014, Page 2B)

More about the litter problem

Columnist Joanne Wilkinson continues her review of our areas problem with litter. (May 16, 2014, Page 1B)

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