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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Jimmy Reed

Key Fobs

Local columnist Jimmy Reed writes about going over plans with his daughters for after he eventually passes on. His hopes that they honor all of his wishes went well — until he started talking about taking things and turning them into key fobs. (February 24, 2015, Page 4)

I Bought The Donuts

Local columnist and creative writing instructor Jimmy Reed challenged his students — and had to pay off after their inspiring efforts. (February 17, 2015, Page 4)

The Long Run

Local columnist Jimmy Reed takes a look at the move to legalize marijuana, noting that we should be looking at the long-term effects rather than the short-term gains. (February 10, 2015, Page 4)


Local columnist Jimmy Reed takes advice he learned from his childhood mentor to the classroom as he instills discipline and responsibility among his students. It’s much better to be inside learning than “out.” (February 3, 2015, Page 4)

The Comforter

Local columnist Jimmy Reed relates his thoughts of a visit to the Dachau Concentration Camp and the recent discovery of a touching Christmas story relating to a husband and wife who lived in Austria at the time. (December 9, 2014, Page 4)

Thank God, I’m not PC

Local columnist Jimmy Reed takes a look at political correctness and the strategy of those who promote it, noting that he’s glad to sit on the other side of just about any issue that’s pushed as being politically correct. (December 2, 2014, Page 4)

A Thankful Heart

Local columnist Jimmy Reed urges all to think about their situation and how they can be thankful at this time of the year. (November 25, 2014, Page 4)

Girls Raised In The South

There’s a special language and special meanings for words in the South, particularly when it comes to ladies. Local columnist Jimmy Reed takes a look at some of the phrases you could and couldn’t say — based on years of learning under the master — his mother, Miss Lena. (November 18, 2014, Page 4)

Thank You!

Local columnist Jimmy Reed recalls a visit to Arlington National Cemetery as he relates the story of Audie Murphy in World War II and urges everyone to thank veterans for their sacrifice and service. (November 11, 2014, Page 4)


Local columnist Jimmy Reed takes a look a government bureaucrats and the way they often abuse their power. (November 4, 2014, Page 4)

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