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Friday, April 18, 2014

Jim McCauley

We need to know things about the Easter Bunny

Columnist Jim McCauley has some serious questions about the Easter Bunny and he wants answers. (March 29, 2013, Page 1B)

My valentine gang

Columnist Jim McCauley became a popular Cupid with his child-like valentines. (February 15, 2013, Page 1A)

Time to clean out stuff

Columnist Jim McCauley is an admitted pack-rat. With the new year, he decided to clean out some closets and sell them at the community indoor yard sale recently. (January 18, 2013, Page 1B)

How did he do that?

At 8 years old, Generations columnist Jim McCauley spent much of his time before Christmas Day trying to figure out how Santa would get inside his house with no chimney. (December 21, 2012, Page 1B)

It’s kind of a love/hate process

Generations columnist Jim McCauley explains about friendly rivalry when it comes to college football. (November 22, 2012, Page 1B)

Two days in October

If what Jim McCauley shares with EAGLE readers today isn’t declassified, it is now. McCauley shares his experience from 50 years ago when the United States was put on DEFCON 2 notice against the then-Soviety Union. (October 26, 2012, Page 2B)

Comments from my doctor

Columnist Jim McCauley was shocked when his doctor told him he needed to watch his diet. Read about his journey to becoming healthier in today’s Oxford Living. (September 21, 2012, Page 1B)

The King and I

Generations columnist Jim McCauley fondly remembers a few moments spent with Elvis Presley. (August 17, 2012, Page 1B)

My first car and angel

Generations columnist Jim McCauley tells us about his first car and his guardian angel. (July 27, 2012, Page 1B)

Small towns offer life-long memories

Generations columnist Jim McCauley wouldn’t trade growing up in a small town for all the iPods and xBoxs in the world. (June 1, 2012, Page 1B)

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