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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Jack Mayfield

Reunion to celebrate 50th anniversary of Oxford High

This weekend, the first graduating class of Oxford High School will hold its 50th class reunion. Historian Jack Mayfield was one of the first students to graduate. He writes about his experience with the “new” school in today’s Oxford Living. (June 6, 2014, Page 3B)

Burney-Hathorn House — another antebellum home lost

Historian Jack Mayfield continues his series about Oxford’s former grande homes that were lost over the years. (May 30, 2014, Page 2B)

Great losses on both sides from the Wilderness to Cold Harbor

Historian Jack Lamar continues his column this week about the battles of the summer of 1864 during the Civil War. (May 23, 2014, Page 2B)

Talley’s Mill, Spotsylvania and the death of the regimental commander

Historian Jack Mayfield writes this week about the deadly battle of Spotsylvania in 1864. (May 16, 2014, Page 2B)

Mississippi 11th in the Wilderness

Little did the men of the Mississippi 11th know that 68 men would be lost ON Mary 5, 184 during a battle in the “Wilderness,” a 12-mile long, six mile-wide, dense wooded area during the Civil War. Historian Jack Mayfield writes about the deadly battle in his Sense of Place column today. (May 9, 2014, Page 2B)

12 miles wide and 6 miles deep — a place called the Wilderness

Historian Jack Mayfield writes this week about the Wilderness and how the North and South were on their way for a head-to-head meeting on the field of battle in May 1864. (May 2, 2014, Page 2B)

Thompson’s presidential commission to Canada

Historian Jack Mayfield writes about Jack Thompson and his secret mission during the Civil War in Canada, aimed at trying to end the war. (April 11, 2014, Page 3B)

Thompson views Oxford damage; receives commission to Canada

Historian Jack Mayfield writes this week about Jacob Thompson and his return to Oxford to see the damage it suffered by the North’s occupation. (April 4, 2014, Page 2B)

Mississippi 11th’s winter rest south of the Rapidan about to end

Historian Jack Lamar Mayfield brings us back to the Civil War this week and the events leading up to Grant’s appointment as general. (March 14, 2014, Page 3B)

An accumulating investment — Good masters don’t seperate families

Historian columnist Jack Mayfield continues his series on Lafayette County’s slavery past for Black History Month. (February 21, 2014, Page 3B)

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