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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Buffy Choinski

Men can enjoy knitting as well

Columnist and knitting enthusiast Buffy Choinski would like to see more men involved in knitting. (June 17, 2011, Page 3B)

Knitting can be environmentally friendly

Knitter and columnist Buffy Choinski shows us ways knitting can be more “green.” (May 20, 2011, Page 3B)

Could knitting be the new yoga?

Avid knitter Buffy Choinski finds knitting to be a good way to relieve stress. Experts agree with her. See how knitting can put a person into a similar meditative mode as yoga in today’s Oxford Living. (April 15, 2011, Page 2B)

Being inspired by a world famous knitter

Knitting enthusiast Buffy Choinski shares how she was inspired by Elizabeth Zimmermann, know for the “baby surprise jacket,” and her opinions. (March 11, 2011, Page 2B)

Knitters often use math

Knitter enthusiast and columnist Buffy Choinski explains how knitters use math every time they work on a project in this month’s Hooked on Knitting column in Oxford Living. She also tells us how mathematicians use knitting for new ways to visualize complex surfaces and shapes. (February 11, 2011, Page 2B)

Boyfriend sweater curse can keep hand-made gifts small

Knitting enthusiast and columnist Buffy Choinski explains the “boyfriend-sweater curse” in this week’s Oxford Living. (January 14, 2011, Page 2B)

Networking online can make a solitary hobby more social

While normally a solitary hobby, the best part of knitting is often the socialization that can be found in knitting circles. Knitting enthusiast Buffy Choinski writes about using the Internet to find fellow knitters in Oxford Living’s new knitting column. (December 17, 2010, Page 2B)

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