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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Anna Haller

The resourceful bumblebee

Unlike our honeybees, Mississippi’s bumblebees are native. And they are markedly different from our imported honeybees (which Native Americans once called “white man’s flies”). Gardener Anna Haller writes about the resourceful bumblebee in today’s Oxford Living. (May 24, 2015, Page 2C)

Magnificent magnolia: a Southern belle

Gardener Anna Haller shares the history and ins and outs of planting a true Southern belle – the magnolia tree. (April 19, 2015, Page 3C)

The delightful dogwood

Gardener Anna Haller informs us all about the delightful dogwood tree and the various kinds that grow in the area. (March 29, 2015, Page 3C)

The peerless pear

Local gardener Anna Haller shares her vast knowledge of pears with readers this month. (February 22, 2015, Page 3C)

Southern gardening’s magnum opus

Anna Hall, local gardener, reviews the newly published book,” The New Southern Living Garden Book.” (February 15, 2015, Page 2C, 3C)

Keeping your poinsettias alive

Gardener Anna Haller helps us keep those lovely poinsettias alive after Christmas time. (January 18, 2015, Page 3C)

How the Christmas tree got its start

Gardener Anna Haller tells us how the Christmas tree became popular and how to care for one after the holidays. (December 21, 2014, Page 3C)

The Camellia, the queen of our winter gardens

Master Gardener Anna Haller writes this week about the camellia bushes. (October 5, 2014, Page 2C)

Boxwood, the garden aritocrat

Master Gardener Anna Haller writes about the boxwood and the best way to care for, cultivate and prune the popular plant. (September 7, 2014, Page 3C)

Going bananas

Master Gardener Anna Haller writes this week about the banana tree. (July 4, 2014, Page 3B)

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