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Thursday, May 28, 2015


Lower fuel prices and a better economy?

Do you remember when gasoline prices started dropping and neared the $2 a gallon mark. Everything appeared promising. Little happened and now we’re being told the economy isn’t recovering as we thought — and gas prices are inching back up. What’s happening? What do we do? The answers are difficult to come by, but we know we have to find them and answer the challenge or we’ll continue to be at the mercy of big oil companies and oil-producing nations. (May 26, 2015, Page 4)

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    Sequestration – finding some middle ground

    Webster’s definition of sequestration seems a bit different than what’s being talked about these days. Editor Don Whitten takes a look at a “political economy” definition and the wide range – depending on who you believe – of possible effects of sequestration. (February 27, 2013, Page 4)

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      Numbers – telling a story, provoking thought

      Numbers and statistics are almost always part of sports stories. Editor Don Whitten saw some interesting figures that have nothing to do with sports, and he writes about them in relation to what Mississippi is spending to house, feed and take care of prisoners, parolees and offenders on probation. (January 27, 2012, Page 4A)

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        The Highlands, A Private Lake Community First National Bank