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Monday, May 25, 2015

Senior Citizens

Letters to the Editor

Ann G. O’Dell writes to urge everyone over the age of 50 to consider getting a shot that will help cut down on their chances of getting the very painful and irritating shingles. (December 9, 2011, Page 4A)

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    Make your final wishes known to family now

    When medical emergencies pop up, there’s often not time enough to learn of one’s wishes about care. Staff Writer Alyssa Schnugg and her family have gone through this situation recently and she writes to advice people to make plans and wishes known to your family while there is time. (November 11, 2011, Page 4A)

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      Age bias also casualty of air race crash

      Local columnist Deidra Jackson, pointing to the recent air crash in Nevada, writes that we tout experience when we want, or like, older people doing things, but then we blame old age as the cause of problems when that seems to make the story better. Was age bias also a victim in the deadly air show crash? (September 22, 2011, Page 4)

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        Something’s Rotten

        Local columnist Jimmy Reed writes to take issue with the fact that senior citizens are having to worry whether or not they’ll receive peace of mind – and a decent return on all the work and money they’ve put into the system through the years. (August 16, 2011, Page 4)

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          Mirror, mirror

          Who do you see when you look in the mirror. The odds are, local columnist T.J. Ray writes, that you see a college kid in the mirror. We seem to think that we don’t age as much as our friends and neighbors because we don’t want to think about the passing of time affecting us. (April 7, 2011, Page 4)

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            Always look to practice the Golden Rule

            A couple of recent phone calls reminded Editor Don Whitten about the Golden Rule – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you – and how we all probably need to use it a bit more to help our neighbors and possibly set the stage to get a little assistance ourselves down the road. (August 18, 2010, Page 4)

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