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Sunday, May 24, 2015


Dealing with manners, unwanted customs

Local columnist T.J. Ray finds examples every day of changes in customs that have to do with manners and acceptable behavior, and wonders when, or if, we will do something about it. (October 31, 2014, Page 4A)

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    What’s up, Doc?

    As a longtime educator with multiple degrees, local columnist T.J. Ray still gets called “Doctor” from time to time. “Dr.” or “Doc” is a term, he writes, that should show respect for knowledge and ability of someone doing something, not just for an education gained. (July 21, 2014, Page 4)

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      Singing the national anthem

      Local columnist T.J. Ray, with the Super Bowl coming Sunday, takes a look at how the national anthem is often sung before big events as well as how it is intended to be sung. (January 30, 2014, Page 4)

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        Coop, The Cop

        Local columnist Jimmy Reed and a couple of his friends learned respect for all types of law enforcement the hard way as he relates in a story about Coop, the crossing guard. (October 8, 2013, Page 4)

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          Letters to the Editor

          Matthew R. Copp writes to say that respect and tolerance for fellow Americans, often found missing during the recent presidential campaigning, is crucial to the country moving forward. (November 16, 2012, Page 4A)

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            Election gone by and a new can of worms

            Staff Writer Melanie Addington takes a look a recent post-election events at the University of Mississippi and wonders when people are going to learn to understand and respect one another. (November 13, 2012, Page 4)

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              Anthem follow-up

              Local columnist T.J. Ray writes a follow-up column to last week’s piece about respecting the national anthem and U.S. flag, noting that the Super Bowl showing still left him wondering why we don’t just drop the singing of the national anthem before big events if it can’t be done properly. (February 9, 2012, Page 4)

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