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Thursday, July 2, 2015


Oxford Park Commission unveils new website

As part of its effort to improve its marketing, OPC has upgraded its website making it easier to navigate and easier to look at, at (February 17, 2014, Page 1)

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    Internet providers should be scrambling to get me

    Staff Writer Alyssa Schnugg takes a look at C Spire’s recent competition for communities to get its high-speed Internet connection and suggests that the company should be doing its own work to get customers rather than getting city governments and officials to do it for them. (November 7, 2013, Page 4)

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      How do you decide if food is still good?

      What’s the measuring stick for food still being good at your house. The “smell” test? The “date” test? Editor Don Whitten has seen both used well through the years, but now relates that we need to use a combination of both, plus some other information, to make sure our food is safe and isn’t wasted. (March 25, 2013, Page 4A)

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        Target-Missoni marketing plan explodes

        Can you believe you can buy Missoni products at Target? Can you believe that a $40 Missoni throw you get at Target is going for $150-200 on the secondary market? Editor Don Whitten takes a look at the phenomenon created by the collaboration of the Italian designer and the popular retail outlet. (September 15, 2011, Page 4)

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          Used car market changes through the years

          Looking for a good used car or truck. Join, for a variety of reasons, an ever-increasing number of consumers. Editor Don Whitten takes a closer look at some of the changes in the market as he ponders a possible future purchase. (July 18, 2011, Page 4)

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            Where did all the canned drinks go?

            Editor Don Whitten is in charge of getting the soft drinks for his family and a recent purchase of what he thought were 24-packs turned out to be just 20-packs. Whitten noticed other items shrinking in size or quantity without any price changes and says it’s a sign of the times. (January 13, 2011, Page 4)

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