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Friday, November 28, 2014


Worry about Ebola, but take action against the flu

Ebola is certainly a concern these days, but not so much in America as the annual onset of the flu. Editor Don Whitten writes about how to protect against the flu and encourages all to consider getting their flu shot soon. (October 15, 2014, Page 4A)

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    Job’s Job

    Local columnist Jimmy Reed, while battling flu-like symptoms and other issues, was reminded of the real tribulations that Job went through and resolved to overcome any self-pity he might have had. (April 24, 2012, Page 4)

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      Missing class is not like it used to be

      Ole Miss student Amanda Schnugg talks about getting sick during the first couple weeks of the new semester and different it is from being in grade school when you were able to stay home when sick without feeling guilty. (February 4, 2011, Page 1B)

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        Flu immunization: What should I do?

        Oxford EAGLE columnist, Dr. Shaun Helmhout, gives sound advice about the upcoming flu season. Her warning –  don’t  let your guard down now that the CDC has declared the H1N1 pandemic over. (September 9, 2010, Page 12)

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