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Saturday, May 23, 2015


Who turned out the light?

Columnist Ryan Miller wants to teach his two daughters that while everyone is naughty once in awhile, inside themselves and around the word, good can be found.  (September 28, 2014, Page 2C)

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    Don’t Never Listen To Women

    Local columnist Jimmy Reed recalls a confrontation with a kitten sparked by his daughters’ requests to save the animal. (July 29, 2014, Page 4A)

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      Growing with Grace

      Learning to relate to both daughters is a growing skill, according to columnist and father Ryan T. Miller. (May 2, 2014, Page 1B)

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        Live life as if a child is watching

        Ryan t. Miller tries to live his life as if the eyes of his little girls are always on him and in most cases, they are. (September 27, 2013, Page 1B)

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          Because I said so!

          Father and columnist Ryan T. Miller shares with us his experiences with his small charge, sometimes known as Shirley Cate, and other times, known as “Why?” (May 31, 2013, Page 1B)

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            Who does Shirley Cate think she is?

            Who do you think you are? Are you defined by your job? Your family? Your values? Columnist Ryan Miller talks about what defines him as a person in today’s Oxford Living. (March 23, 2012, Page 1B)

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              A short jog makes lifetime of memories

              Generations columnist Ryan Miller tells readers how a simple jog along Oxford’s streets with his small daughter showed him just how blessed he is. Read his moving story in today’s Oxford Living section. (January 21, 2011, Page 1B)

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