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Saturday, May 23, 2015


Savoring nature — a bigger, more magical world

Local columnist T.J. Ray writes about the wonders of nature and how it would be great if everyone had the time and opportunity to see that part of the world. (August 29, 2014, Page 4A)

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    Watch our for deer while driving

    With winter here, deer are move active and on the move.

      (January 3, 2014, Page 3A)

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      Ways to deal with deer in our yards

      Landscape Architect Matthew R. Copp shows us ways to deter deer from our yards. (October 19, 2012, Page 2B)

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        Be aware of your surroundings

        Local columnist T.J. Ray, after a chance morning encounter with several deer near his house, writes about how we need to spend a bit more time than we do noticing all of the things around us. (April 1, 2011, Page 4A)

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          Deer issue divides Oxford

          Both sides of the proposed deer management measure will have one last opportunity to voice their views before city leaders vote on Aug. 3. The deer management plan calls for both lethal and non-lethal measures to control the deer population, such as bow-hunting inside the city limits and habitat modification. (July 21, 2010, Page 1)

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            City weighs deer control plan

            Soon gardners may be asked to consider growing plants that deer don’t prefer. This is just one solution to Oxford’s growing deer population. City Emergency Management Coordinator Jimmy Allgood is looking for an answer from the Oxford Board of Alderman. A public hearing on the proposed deer management plan will be held Tuesday. (July 19, 2010, Page 1)

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              Deer control plan reviewed

              A plan to curb the growing population of deer inside the city limits of Oxford was officially unveiled Monday at a public hearing at the Oxford Convention Center. (June 15, 2010, Page 1)

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                Feeding deer against the law

                A new deer-feeding ordinance was approved Tuesday by the Oxford Board of Aldermen which makes the feeding of deer in the city illegal. The adopted ordinance is one of several steps to combat the growing deer population within city limits. All other options are now available for public input by visiting the city of Oxford website(June 2, 2010, Page 1)

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