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Saturday, January 31, 2015

burning of Oxford

Desolate purgatory of broken dreams

Historical columnist Jack Mayfield shares a few other’s thoughts on what Oxford looked like after it was burned during the Civil War and how desperate times had local citizens petitioning to trade with the enemy. (December 14, 2014, Page 2C)

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    ‘The Square is a horrid sight’

    Historian Jack Mayfield continues his series this week about the burning of Oxford in 1864. (August 29, 2014, Page 3C)

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      The Yankees are in town!

      Historian Jack Mayfield writes this week about Union Gen. Edward Hatch moving troops from north of Oxford into town in the summer of 1864. (August 8, 2014, Page 3B)

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        Gen. Smith: The man who ordered the burning of Oxford

        Historian debunks a popular opinion that Gen. “Whiskey” Smith must have been drunk on Aug. 22, 1864 when he decided to burn Oxford. (June 20, 2014, Page 3B)

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          Another reason why Oxford was burned in 1864

          Historian Jack Mayfield offers another reason why “Whiskey Joe” decided to burn Oxford during the Civil War.

           (June 13, 2014, Page 2B)

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