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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Personal library says a lot about a person

When you come across someone’s personal library, whether in their home or office, do you take a look at the titles? Editor Don Whitten writes about how the titles we have and the books we read can tell people a lot about us. (April 14, 2014, Page 4)

Popular site offers window to the world

Guess what’s usually one of the most popular sites in any community. If you said the local public library, you’re correct. Editor Don Whitten takes a look at how the Lafayette County & Oxford Public Library adds to the community. (January 13, 2014, Page 4)

Pretzel buns – trend or just a fad?

Do you like soft pretzels? OK, have you tried the new pretzel burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches? Editor Don Whitten takes a look at the burger bun craze that sweeping the fast-food market. (September 4, 2013, Page 4)

Wife of retired NFL player killed in wreck

Xanaka Burgess, wife of former Ole Mis Rebel and NFL player Derrick Burgess, was killed Thursday when her car hydroplaned on Highway 9 in Pontotoc County. (April 12, 2013, Page 2A)

Gasoline-pricing pattern changing?

After seeing gasoline prices higher in several nearby communities and also on the way to and from the Jackson area over the Thanksgiving holiday, Editor Don Whiten wonders if pricing patterns are ahead which will signal lower prices in the Lafayette-Oxford-University community. (November 28, 2012, Page 4)

1862: When ‘men fell like leave’

Historian and columnist Jack Lamar Mayfield takes us back to the Seven Days Battle, one of the more deadly battles of the Civil War. (July 20, 2012, Page 2B)

Bus bullying shows much bigger problem

The bus bullying incident in upstate New York has gained lots of attention, and Editor Don Whitten writes that he hopes it brings attention to a bigger problem – parents teaching their children about basic respect for others and children learning that lesson. (June 27, 2012, Page 4)

Lafayette’s Mykira Buford talks about going to Jackson

VIDEO BLOG: Lafayette point guard Mykira Buford was excited about her team’s entrance into the MHSAA Class 4A state tournament with a win over Senatobia this past Friday night. (more…) (February 20, 2012)

LHS advances with dramatic win in 4A North Half

PONTOTOC — Thursday night’s MHSAA Class 4A North Half tournament game between the Lafayette Lady Commodores and Greenwood Lady Bulldogs had a bit of everything to offer the fans in the stands at Pontotoc High’s gym. (more…) (February 17, 2012, Page 7A)

Sutton likes tonight’s matchup with GHS

Lafayette’s Lady Commodores return to action in the MHSAA’s Class 4A basketball playoffs tonight in North Half tournament action at Pontotoc. (more…) (February 16, 2012, Page 7)

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