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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lafayette Elementary School

Jennifer Yancy named Parent of the Year at LES

Jennifer Yancy, a Lafayette Elementary School parent, was voted as the school’s Parent of the Year by faculty and staff for the many hours she has dedicated to the school. (March 22, 2015, Page 4C)

Hunter named LES Teacher of the Year

Kelley Hunter’s devotion to listening to her students and creating a respectful classroom environment earned her the title of Teacher of the Year at Lafayette Elementary School. (March 3, 2015, Page 1)

Lafayette Elementary School turns to tech tools: Teachers incorporate more technology in classroom

Tanya Robertson, a second-grade teacher at Lafayette Elementary School, has used as an online charity that enables public school teachers to post classroom project requests that range from “pencils for poetry and microscopes for mitochondria” and receive gifts from anonymous donors. (January 7, 2015)

Longer school year? Admirable but not feasible for all

Local columnist Deidra Jackson takes a closer look at a recent appeal by President Obama to consider a longer school year to help with education in the United States. Discussions with former teachers and a current administrator show some of the concerns that educators and parents would have with the well-intentioned recommendation. (October 14, 2010, Page 4)

Helping garden values take root

A CONVERSATION WITH — Principal Margaret Boyd enjoys sharing her longtime hobby of growing flowers and vegetables with children at Lafayette Elementary School. Recently, she had the opportunity to show kids how to plant vegetable seeds when the University of Mississippi’s Students for a Green Campus came out to host a Green Field Day for second graders. (April 29, 2010, Page 3)

Atkinson named Lafayette’s Parent of the Year

Running a photography business and raising four sons would be enough for most people, but for Lafayette School District Parent of the Year Brandall Atkinson, doing more to help her children’s school experience is just part of being a parent. (April 28, 2010, Page 1)

Lafayette Elementary school carnival

PHOTOS — Students at Lafayette Elementary School took part in the school carnival Friday. (April 27, 2010, Page 7)

LES reading fair winners

Lafayette Elementary School held its annual reading fair on Jan. 26. The students chose one of their favorite fictional books and made a storybook about the book. (February 23, 2010, Page 8)

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