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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tate Reeves

State officials still can’t settle Common Core

Republicans passed a bill to, supposedly, end Common Core once and for all. But the bill didn’t satisfy Gov. Phil Bryant because of some details added and some left out, and he vetoed the bill Thursday. We urge our lawmakers to settle this issue — keep Common Core and move on or drop it and get a replacement and move on. (April 24, 2015, Page 4A)

Letters to the Editor

Larry Tyler writes to tell that there was a festival before Double Decker — Art and All That Jazz — held on the historic Oxford Square, while Gary Gold writes in support of Initiative 42 and says the public should have a simple “yes” or “no” choice on the ballot. (April 22, 2015, Page 4A)

Attorney, on behalf of Legislature, files motion to dismiss Oxford mom’s appeal

After Oxford mom Adrian Shipman filed a lawsuit against an alternative to the ballot measure Initiative 42, which proses to amend the Mississippi Constitution to require the state to fully fund its share of K-12 education, a Jackson-based attorney is defending the state’s decision. (March 31, 2015, Page 5)

Power brokers in Mississippi politics

Who’s the most powerful political figure in Mississippi? Gov. Phil Bryant? Sen. Thad Cochran? Or perhaps Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves. Editor Don Whitten writes about the privileges and duties of the lieutenant governor in Mississippi in making the point that Reeves is certainly near the top of the list. (February 18, 2015, Page 4A)

Breaking a commandment — or ignoring it?

President Ronald Reagan regularly quoted what he called the 11th commandment — Thou shalt not speak ill of any Republican. Editor Don Whitten takes a look at national and Mississippi politics where it appears a number of Republicans aren’t following those directions at all. (February 26, 2014, Page 4)

Questionable behavior by elected officials

Elected government officials are supposed to be representing us, right? News Editor Jonathan Scott writes about a couple of these officials and some recent actions that appear somewhat questionable, and he wonders if they’re aware of the perception and appearance many of their constituents are getting. (January 17, 2013, Page 4)

Home help the key to any school’s success

Charter schools tops conversation these days at most water coolers and coffee shops in Mississippi so Editor Don Whitten takes a closer look at the issue and says there’s more to helping Johnny learn to read than different kinds of schools. (February 24, 2012, Page 4A)

Funds low for election chests

Financially, the races for state Senate and House of Representatives are still fairly affordable for most candidates. Candidates had until May 10 to file financial reports. (May 17, 2011, Page 1)

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