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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Steven H. Stubbs

Men of the 11th write home for Christmas

Historian and Jack Lamar shares more letters written by Confederate soldiers during Christmas 1861. (December 9, 2011, Page 3B)

Flag causes problems at Manassas

Historian Jack Lamar Mayfield tells us about the first flags made for the Mississippi 11th regiment. (August 5, 2011, Page 3B)

Lamar Rifles, University Greys ready to march

The University Greys and Lamar Rifles left Oxford to join other Southern troops in the Civil War on May 1, 1861, and one of their biggest worries was the war being over before they got a chance to fight. Local historian Jack Lamar Mayfield takes a closer look at the two companies that included local soldiers, examining some of their thoughts and movements early in the war. (April 29, 2011, Page 3B)

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