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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

President Barack Obama

Variety is the spice of life

Two more candidates joined the race for the Republican Party’s presidential nominee for the 2016 election, and those two added a bit of diversity. We think it will be an interesting summer and fall as this mixed bag of GOP candidates try to gain a foothold inside their party and with non-committed voters. (May 5, 2015, Page 4)

Let’s do what is right for Americans

Legal moves are going back and forth on the issue of deferring the deportation of immigrants, and it’s clear much of the action involves partisan politics. We encourage our leaders to take politics out of the mix and do what is right for Americans. (February 20, 2015, Page 4A)

Lawmakers face tough questions, votes

Should lawmakers vote as their constituents feel? Or should they vote their conscience or perhaps according to the party line? Or maybe, the main consideration is getting re-elected or elected to a higher office. We would like to see our representatives, at all levels, just do their job — which is to represent their constituents as they said they’d do when we elected them. (February 16, 2015, Page 4)

Local funding helps junior college students; national plan needs study

President Barack Obama could just as easily have pointed at a plan supported locally that helps provide tuition assistance for junior college students as other areas of the country. The president’s plan to make junior college education free for all needs further study, but certainly sounds promising if it can be paid for. (January 21, 2015, Page 4A)

What’s the real state of the union as we begin 2015?

President Barack Obama will be fulfilling the charge given the president in Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution with his State of the Union talk tonight. With expectations that he will spend more time making proposals for Congress to consider, we offer some of the changes between now and a year ago to show how various areas compare. (January 20, 2015, Page 4)

Let’s hope our leaders will actually lead

With President Obama giving his State of the Union speech Tuesday and Congress moving along with its work, we are hopeful that we can see a bipartisan effort to effect changes that will help the country as a whole. (January 19, 2015, Page 4)

Cuba relations — a multi-sided story

Should we, or should we not, re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba? Editor Don Whitten looks at some of the pros, cons and middle ground of an issue that’s drawing lots of attention. (December 22, 2014, Page 4)

Body cams for cops a win-win situation

The Oxford and University police departments already have body cameras in use. State Rep. Chuck Espy plans on introducing legislation next year that would help fund body cams around Mississippi. And President Barack Obama has called for $263 million to help law enforcement agencies around the country get body cams. We applaud all three and see equipping officers and those on patrol with body cams as good for the agencies and the public they serve. (December 17, 2014, Page 4A)

Looking for a hero? Look no further

Do we use the term “hero” too freely these days? Editor Don Whitten tends to feel that way, and he writes about Medal of Honor winner Kyle Carpenter — who and what we need to measure the meaning of the word against. (June 23, 2014, Page 4A)

Letters to the Editor

Peter Frost writes to express concern about the hyper-partisan political rhetoric that is so prevalent today, and to urge all to think objectively about the real issues facing the country. (February 12, 2014, Page 4)

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