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Friday, May 22, 2015


Christmas: Giving doesn’t have to equal spending

Staff Writer Jerra Scott and her family are cutting back a bit this Christmas. A emphasis on the reason for the season and a desire for a quieter, simpler holiday time spark the decision. (December 11, 2014, Page 4A)

Happy The Cat

Those who write newspaper columns, local writer Jimmy Reed says, don’t know who reads them, where they live or how they’ll react. One of his recent columns, however, got a positive reaction with a reader giving Reed a couple of examples of God answering prayers. (January 25, 2011, Page 4)

Still, I Ask

Local columnist Jimmy Reed wonders sometimes what and how God thinks, and he’s sure He has a sense of humor. While knowing that God knows best, Reed says he still asks for things. (January 11, 2011, Page 4)

Our Own Babylon

Columnist Jimmy Reed wonders if America is headed toward its own Babylon. What can save the country – a change in who makes the laws? (February 16, 2010, Page 4)

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