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Monday, May 25, 2015

Gen. Robert E. Lee

Life in the Confederacy ebbing fast

Historian Jack Lamar Mayfield continues writing this week about troops in the trenches at Petersburg during the Civil War in 1864. (October 19, 2014, Page 3C)

Mississippi 11th returns to Virginia

History columnist Jack Mayfield wraps up his series about the Battle of Gettysburg. (August 9, 2013, Page 3B)

The Yankees ‘skedaddled’ back to the safety of Washington

Columnist and historian Jack Lamar Mayfield brings us back to the Second Manassas battle in 1862. (August 17, 2012, Page 3B)

The battle that changes the course of the Civil War

On Aug. 19, local representatives will be attending a marker dedication at the Antietam National Battlefield in Maryland. The marker will be inscribed with the actions of Mississippi 11th’s actions during what has been called the bloodiest battle of the Civil War. Jack Mayfield tells us about some of those actions in today’s Oxford Living. (July 27, 2012, Page 2B)

1862: When ‘men fell like leave’

Historian and columnist Jack Lamar Mayfield takes us back to the Seven Days Battle, one of the more deadly battles of the Civil War. (July 20, 2012, Page 2B)

Mississippi 11th becomes part of the Army of Northern Viriginia

Historian and columnist Jack Lamar Mayfield continues this week to educate us on the role the Mississippi 11th plaid in the Civil War. After Gen. Joseph Johnston suffered an injury, Gen. Robert E. Lee took charge of the Confederate Army. One of his first actions was to change the name of the army to the Army of Northern Virgina. (June 1, 2012, Page 2B)

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