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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Coast Guard

Deep-sea fishing adventure(s)

Want to know all about deep-sea fishing — the ins and outs, the good parts and the bad times? Just ask Assistant News Editor Jeff Eubanks, who writes about his recent trips in the Gulf of Mexico going after all kinds of snappers, kingfish, sea bass and even possibly a shark.

 (June 13, 2014, Page 4A)

Language crucial, but do we need all these new words?

Local columnist T.J. Ray has always stressed the importance of language, but he’s getting a little bothered by some of the words that are working their way into everyday use. He points to words like “modality,” “incent,” “analyzation,” “athleticism” and “physicality” as examples with most seeming to owe their popularity to TV announcers. (October 1, 2010, Page 4A)

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