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Saturday, May 30, 2015


Make way for walkers

Oxford adopted a complete streets policy on Tuesday after the American Institute of Architects recommended it last fall. The decision helps formally plan streets to be ready for pedestrians, bike riders, buses and cars. (May 20, 2011, Page 1A)

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    High school seniors: No need to be in a hurry

    After spending time working on the Graduation Section in today’s Oxford EAGLE, Assistant News Editor Jeff Eubanks started thinking about his high school graduation and all that’s gone on since. Eubanks offers some tips to seniors graduating this weekend and next week. (May 20, 2011, Page 4A)

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      Mr. Anonymous and Old Fogies

      Do you get bothered when people use the term “old fogies” about older citizens? Local columnist T.J. Ray does, too, and he was upset with a recent piece titled “Old Fogie Pride” that came his way – until he gave it a closer look. (May 20, 2011, Page 4A)

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        Mother recalls husband, son’s killing

        The 15-person jury sat through more than 10 hours of testimony Wednesday during the murder trial against Caleb Corrothers, who is accused of shooting and killing Frank and Taylor Clark  in 2009. Among those who testified were Tonya Clark, the mother and wife of the Clark and her oldest son, Josh Clark. The jury listened to the 911 call Tonya made after the shooting and a 90-minute interview of Corrothers by Lafayette County investigators where he told them “they had the wrong man” repeatedly. (May 19, 2011, Page 1)

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          Officials reviewing Double Decker

          The Tourism Council met on Wednesday and heard a report from Tourism Director Mary Kathryn Herrington on the Double Decker Arts Festival. A full report will be available by the end of June with a decision whether to keep the two-day format. (May 19, 2011, Page 1)

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            Where do you expect to be on Sunday?

            Have you heard about the prediction that the world will come to an end this Saturday and that some of us will be headed to heaven and the others left behind? Editor Don Whitten takes on Harold Camping’s prediction and says we need to be ready any time, including Saturday, but that he seriously doubts Camping’s accurancy. (May 19, 2011, Page 4)

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              Storm cleanup approaches completion

              Three weeks after storms wreaked havoc in north and south Lafayette County, organized volunteer efforts are drawing to a close. (May 18, 2011, Page 1)

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                Murder trial begins

                Attorneys presented their opening statements Tuesday evening after spending a day and a half selecting the 15-person jury — 12 jurors and three alternates — that will decide the fate of Caleb Corrothers, who is accused of shooting and killing a Lafayette County father and son in 2009. (May 18, 2011, Page 1)

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                  Day two of Corrothers’ trial; mother testifies

                  Tonya Clark took the stand Wednesday morning during the murder trial against Caleb Corrothers — the man accused of killing her husband, Frank Clark, and her son, Taylor Clark, on July 11, 2009.

                  Tonya Clark testified that while she couldn’t pick Caleb Corrothers as the man who shot and killed her husband and son during a photo lineup that took place during the visitation service at their funeral, she said she recognized Corrothers sitting in the courtroom Wednesday morning. Glancing at him quickly, she pointed to him in the courtroom and said she was sure he was the one who pulled the trigger.

                  Tonya Clark was wounded during the killings when she was shot twice in the neck.

                  Tonya Clark’s oldest son, Josh, took the stand after his mother. Suffering three car wrecks since 2006, with one leaving him a coma for two weeks and a head injury, Josh Clark appeared to have trouble remembering some of his previous testimony he gave following the night his brother and father were killed. He identified Corrothers as the killer during the photo lineup at the funeral.

                  Investigator Scott Mills was called to the stand around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday to described the crime scene. He is expected to return to the witness stand after a lunch break around 1 p.m.

                  Corrothers could face the death penalty if found guilty of the two counts of capitol murder and one count of aggravated assault.

                  Read Thursday’s EAGLE for the full story. (May 18, 2011)

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                    Hospital project moves forward

                    The Oxford Board of Aldermen approved the Memorandum of Understanding with Baptist Memorial Health Care Corp on Tuesday. The agreement must still be approved by the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors. (May 18, 2011, Page 1)

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