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Friday, October 24, 2014


Nonpartisan voting would be easier, cheaper

With nonpartisan – no party affiliation – voting, recent races have been settled easily and simply. Editor Don Whitten points to these races and what’s ahead with primaries this summer as proof that we should consider wide-open elections, particularly when it involves local offices. (February 2, 2011, Page 4)

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    Letters to the Editor

    Roy G. Arnold writes to note that The Oxford EAGLE was missing at a recent candidates’ forum and wondered if the paper just covers things it favors, while Richard G. Roberts Jr. wrote to take exception to a recent Sid Salter column about legislators, the public and public universities in the state. (February 2, 2011, Page 4)

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      OPD investigates graffiti on Square

      Someone tagged Ajax Diner and the Skipwith Cottage with black spraypaint sometimes Sunday night. Ajax Diner owner Randy Yates is offered a $300 reward for information. (February 1, 2011, Page 2)

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        Panty thief sparks sex crime bill

        Local legislators are working to pass a new bill that would require prosecutors to include a special allegation of sexual motivation in felony criminal cases when sufficient evidence exists to justify a finding of sexual motivation. If convicted, the defendant would be required to register under the Mississippi sex offender registration law. (February 1, 2011, Page 1)

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          Some Sunday sales set for Oxford

          The state board approved Oxford’s request for Sunday sales after holiday and home football weekends on Monday. The first Sunday will be May 8 for Mother’s Day. (February 1, 2011, Page 1)

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            Education briefs

            • Kyra McCarty makes honor roll
            • Ashley Cancer make dean’s list
            • NWCC art reviews scholarship portfolios
            • ICS pre-school applications open
            • Chelsea Peters makes honor roll

             (February 1, 2011, Page 6)

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              Texas Rebels unite on tag issue

              The Houston Rebel Club is working to develop a UM Alumni license plate for the state of Texas. For more information, visit (February 1, 2011, Page 6)

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                By Jove

                Are women always right? Are they impossible to please? Local columnist Jimmy Reed looks at several thoughts on those questions and offers an argument put forth by one of his students that seemed to even make females in the class side with him. (February 1, 2011, Page 4)

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                  Another proposal from left field – Amendment 28

                  Local columnist T.J. Ray suggests that we propose and pass a 28th amendment that would make the president a non-partisan executive after he or she is elected, taking the split that parties and their differences have caused in our country. After all, Ray says, doesn’t the president represent everyone? (February 1, 2011, Page 4)

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                    2011 Elections Calendar

                    Here’s an overview of key dates in the 2011 election cycle. You can download the official calendar from the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office here. (more…) (January 31, 2011)

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