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Friday, April 25, 2014


Young staff keeps Waltz menu fresh, flavorful

Shanna Flaschka, Eating Well columnist, shares the secrets of the new Waltz kitchen and Chef Erika Lipe’s lime cilantro soup with quinoa. (February 9, 2011, Page 7)

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    The University Greys: Maud Morrow Brown’s book and opera

    Local historian Jack Lamar Mayfield continues his series about the University Greys this week. He writes about Maud Marrow Brown’s book that was written about students who fought for the Southern cause. Her book inspired a professor’s wife, Zoe Lund Schiller Kreutz, who wrote an opera based on Brown’s book. (February 4, 2011, Page 2B)

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      Getting what you want in your garden

      Many believe seed starting is difficult and yields few positive results, but as with most things simply following a few important rules will assure success. Master Gardener Susan Boehm tell us that starting your seeds will not only give you a terrific sense of accomplishment, but you will also save a significant amount of money. (February 4, 2011, Page 3B)

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        Missing class is not like it used to be

        Ole Miss student Amanda Schnugg talks about getting sick during the first couple weeks of the new semester and different it is from being in grade school when you were able to stay home when sick without feeling guilty. (February 4, 2011, Page 1B)

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          Table-top game modelers use imagination while painting

          Painting models takes patience, a steady hand and good eye sight when the models are often smaller than 1 inch in height. Oxford residents James Cade and William Sisson dedicate hours, and lots of dollars, for their model-painting hobby. See some of their handiwork in today’s Oxford Living. (February 4, 2011, Page 1B)

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            Finding more time for family

            For Cathy Lowe, the small business she shares with her mother has become like her baby — even better, it gives her more time with her real babies. Senior staff writer Lucy Schultze talks with the co-owner of Belles & Beaus children’s boutique about the business and life in this week’s “A Conversation With.” (February 3, 2011, Page 3)

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              Getting your garden ready for the warm weather

              Gardener Dicki King tells us that January is time to focus on getting ready for spring and we should take time to plan for the next few weeks. There is really much to be done.  The first of February is a good time to select new bushes and trees for planting. (January 28, 2011, Page 2B)

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                ‘We are indeed inhabitants of a solitude’

                Historian Jack Lamar Mayfield continues his look into the days of the Civil War and it’s effect on Oxford and the University of Mississippi in 1861. (January 28, 2011, Page 3B)

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                  One of life’s great transitions

                  Generations columnist Steve Stricker remembers making the transition from high school to college. Read about his story in today’s Oxford Living. (January 28, 2011, Page 1B)

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                    Respite care gives caregivers well-deserved break

                    The Memory Makers respite care  program began in October after Dianne Arnold, an Alzheimer’s trainer for the Division of Alzheimer’s and Other Dementia of the Mississippi Department of Mental Health, teamed up with Jo Ann O’Quin, a University of Mississippi social work professor and the founding member of the local Alzheimer’s Caregivers Support Group, which is celebrating its 26th anniversary in February.

                    The participants start their day at Memory Makers with coffee or tea and a small snack. On Thursday, it was banana nut bread. The group gathers around a table along with the program volunteers to sing songs, tell stories about their past or play trivia games. (January 28, 2011, Page 1B)

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