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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Heirloom tomatoes – something old is new again

Lafayette County Master Gardener Barry Whitehouse writes about the history of Heirloom tomatoes and other heirloom vegetables, and gives a few hints on growing the variety in local gardens. (April 2, 2010, Page 2B)

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    Two Master Gardeners share their wisdom

    What are two of the most neglected habits among gardeners? Correct pruning and keeping tools sharp. Master Gardeners Carroll Crenshaw and Don Giles shared their tips on those topics recently as part of the Lafayette County Master Gardeners’ spring gardening series. To keep tools sharp — like Giles’s 40-year-old shovel — clean them well after every use. (March 5, 2010, Page 3B)

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      Spring dreams: Hints for a winter’s day

      GARDENING OXFORD STYLE — Spring is on the way, but there’s plenty to do in the garden between now and then. At the top of the list: planting shrubs and trees, trimming branches, testing your soil and rewarding your stalwart pansies with a little fertilizer. (February 19, 2010, Page 2B)

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        Making a move — with plants in tow

        LAFAYETTE COUNTY MASTER GARDENERS — When Dianne Smith Fergusson prepared to move from South Carolina to Oxford, it wasn’t the furniture and breakables that concerned her. How would her beloved plants make the journey? By taking care to protect the roots, keep transplants out of direct sun and watering diligently through the summer, she was able to transport her garden treasures, making the transition to her new home easier. (February 5, 2010, Page 3B)

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          Tomato longings in mid-winter

          OXFORD GENERATIONS — It’s barely February, but local columnist Forrest Jenkins finds herself already longing for both the taste of the tomatoes she grows on her back porch and the work involved in producing them. (February 5, 2010, Page 1B)

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