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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Eating Well

A taste of Tuscany

Luisa Arico describes how you can cook an authentic Tuscan meal with ingredients found in Oxford and Memphis. Read her article for the recipes and try them. Buon Appetito! (July 7, 2010, Page 8)

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    ‘Sammoriglio’ – a Sicilian sauce that’s easy, versatile

    Local food columnist Luisa Arico, who writes about Italian cooking, gives the background of one favorite sauces and the recipe for the tasty treat. (April 28, 2010, Page 11)

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      Mother’s meatballs – so good, yet so bad

      Staff Writer Alyssa Schnugg shares her mother and grandmother’s recipe for meatballs, but makes a few tweaks to the recipe to make the tasty treat just a little bit healthier. (April 21, 2010, Page 13)

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        Holy vegetables — ‘Benedetto’ for four

        For Luisa Arico, our “Italian Cooking Made Easy” columnist, artichokes, asparagus, English peas and green onions are an unbeatable combination. She shares her recipe for a vegetable-rich dish called “Il Benedetto,” which she serves it for every Easter Sunday dinner.

         (March 31, 2010, Page 14)

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          Rock ‘n’ roll chef Charles Owens

          EATING WELL — Contributing writer Lisa Howorth takes us behind the scenes of cooking for the stars as she writes about Charles Owen, chef for the stars. Owens describes his “normal” day, talks about clients like Lynyrd Skynrd and Lady Gaga, and even shares a recipe for chicken and sausage gumbo in the Eating Well section cover story. (March 24, 2010, Page 1B)

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            Conjee – poor man’s dish

            Congee is pronounced as “kan-ci” or “kan-ji” and is a type of rice gruel/porridge. It is eaten today in many Asian countries as a recovery meal, breakfast and festival food. The word “congee” comes from the Dravidian language (Tamil) “kanci,” which means rice cooked water. In South India, fresh hulled parboiled rice is used to prepare this kanjee. It is one of the oldest breakfast items, predominantly eaten in an agricultural society by farmers and other village work force. Read today’s Eating Well page for the recipe. (March 3, 2010, Page 6)

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              Getting to know Mama Jo — a visionary cook

              Joester Egerson Brassell has operated Mama Jo’s Country Cookin’ since 2005, and before that cooked at the Kappa Alpha house and at Skymart. She’s been cooking since she was 8 years old, and relies upon her intuition and experience in the kitchen. Here, she shares her recipes for Rotel Chicken Spaghetti and Caramel Cake with Caramel Icing. (February 3, 2010, Page 12)

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