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Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Conversation With...

Whose story would you like to hear? Our weekly feature "A Conversation With..." offers a chance to hear from one local individual each week. Young, old, black, white — it's an ever-evolving picture of the remarkable community we call home. Look for "A Conversation With..." in The Oxford EAGLE Thursdays on Page 3, and while you're here, take a moment to suggest a potential interviewee.

Tough love in the classroom

A CONVERSATION WITH… — Mary Johnson cares so much, she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure the children in her stead care, too. At 70, she’s been retired from the classroom for four years but still substitutes at Oxford and Della Davidson elementary schools. (February 18, 2010, Page 3)

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    A young salesman scores big

    A CONVERSATION WITH… — Fifth-grader Carter Diggs is not necessarily interested in a career in sales, but you might want to put him on your future to-hire list just in case. He sold a whopping $3,000 worth of popcorn and magazines in a fundraiser for the Boy Scouts, earning himself some choice prizes including a flat-screen TV. (February 11, 2010, Page 3)

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      Cast in the role of hostess

      A CONVERSATION WITH… — Donna Ruth Roberts is one of the most beloved volunteers and sponsors for the annual Oxford Film Festival, which opens today with a welcome party at her historic home. The independent filmmakers she befriends find it novel that a woman of her generation and political leanings — she’s an active local Republican leader — can so enjoy their craft and their company. (February 4, 2010, Page 3)

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        A fresh perspective, rooted in history

        A CONVERSATION WITH… — Visiting art professor Katherine Fields was featured recently as part of the Mississippi Public Broadcasting program “Southern Expressions.” The exposure led to her being asked by the Mississippi Museum of Art to donate a print as part of its permanent collection. (January 28, 2010, Page 3)

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          Times change, values endure

          “A CONVERSATION WITH…” — Frankie Logan has lived her entire life in the Abbeville area and says the values she grew up with — about taking care of each other and investing in education — are the same ones she and her neighbors live by today. (January 21, 2010, Page 3)

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            A veteran of courtroom service

            “A CONVERSATION WITH…” — Robert “Pat” Patterson has served as circuit court bailiff at the Lafayette County Courthouse since 1985. Today, at 89 years old, his “retirement” career has lasted longer than his actual career: 20 years of service as a federal probation officer. He also worked at Parchman prison during the 1950s and early 1960s — and loved it. (January 14, 2010, Page 3)

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              Living the creative life

              ‘A CONVERSATION WITH…’ — Paula Shanks retired from a 30-year career with the Federal Probation Service to embark on a new focus — a world of casual, quirky creativity. She’s finding inspiration in her artist friends and creating everything from fabric portraits to baskets and purses woven from recycled Kroger shopping bags. (January 7, 2010, Page 3)

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