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Friday, May 22, 2015


Answers to common questions about the new

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Why are you now posting summaries instead of complete stories?

The short answer is: We’re trying hard to find a happy medium between the free exchange of information we’ve all come to enjoy on the Internet, and a give-it-all-away business model that’s helped put many newspapers out of business. You can read more about the philosophy behind what we’re doing here on the About this Site page.

When and how can I look at today’s newspaper through the e-edition?

The Oxford EAGLE is an afternoon paper, and the e-edition for each day is ready at about 2:30 p.m. Our production cycle for the e-edition works much the same as for the print version.

Just like we send our final pages to the pressroom around 11 to 11:30 a.m., we upload those same pages to our e-edition partner. While our pressroom and mailroom staff and our local carriers are working to get the paper printed and into our subscribers’ hands, our e-edition partner is preparing the pages for online viewing.

You can link to the e-edition in one of two ways: Either by clicking “E-edition” in the main menu, or by clicking on the date and page number link at the end of each story post. If the date and page number appear as a link, it means the e-edition is up.

The e-edition is accessible to online subscribers at a rate of $5 per month. For details on how to subscribe either online or in print, click here.

How can I access your archives?

It depends on what you’re looking for and how far back you want to go. Our new e-edition began March 1, 2010, and at this point we’re not able to offer newspapers going farther back in this way.

However, you can still access our old site through a link at the bottom of our new home page. The old site goes back to July 22, 2002. We can’t guarantee its search function works at all, but if you know the date of the edition you’re looking for, you should be able navigate through the archive link in the main menu.

In the future, we hope to be able to provide a better way to access our archives digitally; it’s on our list of things to look into. Feel free to send us your thoughts about the kind of archive access you’d like to see.

Meanwhile, you can access old copies of The Oxford EAGLE in bound volumes at the Lafayette County Chancery Building and in the microfilm collection at the J.D. Williams Library on the Ole Miss campus.

What about your photo archive?

That we can better help you with, as long as you’re looking for photos from within the past five years or so. If you’re interested in purchasing photos, send us an e-mail describing what you’re looking for, and in most cases our photographer will be able to create a gallery for you as part of our new photos site.

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    1. sam logan says:

      Can we get a little bit more of the news in each story? The old way was more than a snap shot.

    2. Lucy Schultze says:

      Even better, Sam — you can get the entire story in the daily e-edition. Once the pages are up each afternoon, we’ll post a link at the end of each story summary taking you to that page in the actual paper. The e-edition is free through the month of March, and after that just $5 a month.

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