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Sunday, May 24, 2015

UM protesters march to Square

About 50 protesters walked from Kroger to the Square and back Saturday morning waving Confederate flags and holding signs to protest University of Mississippi Chancellor Dan Jones’ new diversity plan that includes limited the use of the term Ole Miss and changing the name Confederate Road to Chapel Road. (August 9, 2014, Page 1)

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    9 Responses to “UM protesters march to Square”

    1. Butch says:

      This shows that the changes are needed at the University of Mississippi. Where else but Mississippi would people wrap themselves in the Confederate flag and proudly display their racism. You can bet they are all Christians too; White Southern Baptist mostly as their preachers are the ones that encourage hate back in the ’50′s and ’60′s and still do today. It’s 2014 in the rest of the civilized United States. Unfortunately, it’s still the 1950′s in Mississippi.

    2. Randy says:

      Dan Jones needs to go he is tearing Ole Miss apart!!!

    3. Robert Jackson says:

      Hear what was said while walking.

    4. Robert Jackson says:

      Proudly displaying the Confederate flag has nothing to do with racism. There are many places besides MS that are proud of their Confederate past. I don’t know about everyone that was there being a Christian but what would be wrong with that if that were the case? There were also black people carrying the Confederate flag. Are these people racist in your eyes? There was wrong done on both sides of the war but nobody cares to talk about the North waging war on civilians or any of the other terrible things done to the South during the war.

    5. Debbie Sidle says:

      The changes needed are in public awareness of the truth of that war and the people who suffered it. I am thrilled that people are standing up for the truth and for the South. There were black people in the march. Obviously, they knew the truth.

    6. Becky Muska says:

      So Butch, dear….what religion do you think does not preach hate for another group unlike their own? I was raised in a Southern Bapt. church…no hate preached there. I was educated in a Church of Christ affiliated school for 12 years…no hate preached there; however, I was told I would go to hell if I didn’t convert over to the C of C, but that was only one teacher’s opinion, not the majority. I graduated from a public college where most of my instructors were the hippies of the 1960s & I wasn’t liberal enough in my thinking for most of them to receive an A+ in their class, but I managed to graduate cum laude. I attended the Presbyterian church for a short time….no hate preached there. My husband is Roman Catholic…he is angry that many of their priests got away without punishment for abuses towards children. Did you know, Butch, that the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” was a call to the Federal army in 1861 to kill Southern Christians…not White Southern Christians or Black Southern Christians, but ALL Southern Christians regardless of race? Before you open your mouth and insert your foot; get the facts, learn the truth, or if you are a transplant from the North, go back from whence you came. You will be more at home living among those people who believed that forcing legally seceded states back into the union by sword, contrary to the right to secession in the Constitution, was perfectly okay. The blood spilled by that Federal sword is on Lincoln’s hands as surely as if he killed every man, woman, & child himself.

    7. rebecca says:

      Hey, let us blame Mississippians for any and everything hateful or racist. No, lets don’t. Ole Miss is not a racist name and confederate is not racist. Neither was Colonel Reb. When the mascot was gotten rid of because some folks thought he resembled an old southern gentleman, I got angry. My Dad was an old southern gentleman, and no finer man ever lived. He was a WWII vet and a farmer. He would have given anyone the shirt off his back. He was a Mississippian and so am I. I believe in equal rights for all, including race, women, and gays. I am elderly, white, and a woman. So all you Ms haters; I don’t care for you either, whatever your real name is. I was born in Oxford, MS, and proud of it.

    8. Gary says:

      We are not racists, we are realists. We believe in equal rights, but separately. We do not believe that we are to succumb to the demands of those who are offended by the facts. There are some who do not understand our unique relationships in the Southland. There are some Southrons who have been mislead by the yankee media, and the US leadership, and need to be re-educated, in the True History of America. There are those who will accept what is put before them as fact, and they are the majority. It takes a special intellect to research and uncover the truth, because liberals have tried to keep it hidden. Maybe soon, the Conservative Majority will expose the leftist liberals for what they are: a detriment to our Southern Christian belief system

    9. Joanne Higgins says:

      The Buffoon,The Jackass and The Wise One!

      I read with interest your article published on Monday August 11th, 2014 regarding a recent protest that took place in this city. It refers to a march which took place on August 9th by residents from the state and Memphis whilst carrying the Confederate flag. Their protest was in reaction to the University of Mississippi’s Chancellor plans to “foster a more welcoming environment”.

      I would like to start my response to this article by quoting the “The Wise One”, who in this case was a local resident by the name of Courtney Brown. She states that she had no objection to seeing the protesters carrying the Confederate Flag as they are only objects, a street name is only a title, “Racism comes from within, and history and racism are two very different things”. She wisely stated that “It’s about the people, and what’s inside of them”.

      Now I would like to focus my attention on the comments made by one of the protesters, namely H. K. Edgerton from North Carolina aka “The Buffoon” who stated “Thank God my great-great-grandmother ended up in the South or I’d still be in Africa facing cannibalism, Ebola and great poverty. The African government didn’t love us then and they don’t love us now”. I won’t deny I was stopped in my tracks by his comments and I could not help but think of his ancestors and those of the African diaspora who were forcefully removed from their homeland and enslaved. I wondered how their souls were feeling to hear one of their descendants glorify in their enslavement, torture, eugenics and abuse so that he could be here in 2014 spouting such insulting demeaning insensitive words. H K Edgerton, you are beyond ignorant and foolish! You should consider your words carefully before you decide to make statements as you did on Saturday, August 9th 2014. Whilst you gladly had your pockets lined with US currency made in donations to your cause, or should I say gas money for your return journey to North Carolina. Consider the people of Africa for who you hold such disregard, I am without doubt their sentiment towards a fool like you is the same, they welcomed ridding their continent of a weak minded submissive specimen such as yourself. Familiarize yourself with a library and the history of slavery so as not to embarrass yourself so publicly again. Perhaps, even truly challenge yourself and obtain a passport so that you can visit countries boundaries beyond the United States and further educate yourself to the World; I dare you to visit the continent you despise so much. Rest assured you will not be greeted by a boiling cauldron. Stay safe dear Buffoon and continue with your spectacle and make sure you meet your targeted audience in the future!

      This brings me finally to the comments made by the elected Mayor of Oxford, Pat Patterson, aka “The Jackass”, who not only has perfected putting his foot in his mouth whenever he decides to make a statement, he surpassed himself on that day by referring to the protestors as “Damn jackasses” as it coincided with the much needed and sought after event for the County of Lafayette and City of Oxford, the Summer Fest! Hmm, do the people of this county need to be reminded on how to spend time with family or do they need to have this sanctioned by attending the county event because it allows the city to make more money from its residents by paying over inflated prices for snow cones and cotton candy from the sidewalks of its historic town square????

      I am yet to understand why this city, its university (or should I say its unoffical governing body) and Mayor are so hell bent on focusing its capitol on changing symbols and signs from its history in the belief it will eradicate the main issues of the county. Why isn’t this money being used to help those who are truly in need of help, economic development and job creation for its residents instead building excessive amounts of luxury accommodation for its transient student population whose daddies have deep pockets created when cotton was king! Perhaps the city of Oxford is deserving of this Jackass, after all they elected him. If the truth were to be known, what percentage of its total population participated in his election? Probably not very many! Perhaps those who are most affected were unavailable to make the trip to the ballot boxes due to lack of finances.

      Yet again, Oxford’s newspaper did its usual proverbial sitting on the fence so as not to offend its supporters and financiers and publish yet another bias edited report of an event that could have included comments by more informed participants and by those who are aware of the real issues pertaining to this city. Perhaps the incentives for these employees are so great that they would not risk writing a balance review of the actual event including more insightful comments made by members of the more enlightened population, not those who continue to exist in the glorious past full of bigots and porch monkeys.

      This is an invitation to you Oxford Eagle, Mayor Patterson and your supporters to educate yourselves of the real issues affecting your citizens and for once allow your journalists to do what they attended journalism school to do, WRITE and INFORM its readers of the good, the bad and the ugly. Does the reality that poverty exists in your county and within the compounds of the Ole Miss Campus as well as its periphery fill you with such fear you choose to ignore it? Let’s face it, not everyone wearing an Ole Miss t-shirt are part of the plantocracy. Not only are a percentage of your students existing below the poverty line and creating a life long debt they’ll be paying until their retirement, you still are of the belief that changing historic symbols will eradicate these issues. The creation of a member of staff to deal with Diversity adds insult to an already injured population as you again try to refocus your attention on non-issues such as symbols and waste taxpayers money to deface and re-write local history with your drive to create “a stronger and healthier university”. Sounds like it’s time for a reality check, don’t you think?

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