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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Former Ole Miss professor wants to revive UM Elvis conference

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In 1995, Vernon Chadwick funded and directed the first international conference on Elvis Presley at the University of Mississippi. It was an idea viewed with skepticism by some faculty members who felt Elvis, and the fandom that surrounded him, was tasteless and not worthy of intellectual discussion. Fast-forward 20 years, and we live in a celebrity-obsessed nation that digests massive amounts of pop culture daily, often through blogs that chronicle the daily lives of stars. Chadwick said the fact that Mississippi gave birth to the original king of pop culture, an iconic figure with worldwide reach, is something worth investigating. He hopes the university will reconsider, revive the conference and explore the influence of Elvis Presley. (Subscribe to read more.)

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  1. Tim Hill says:

    Elvis May have onced been in a movie that had a confederate hence we should not.We know he sang from Dixie with love so we may need to forget he existed. All of those who love the university of diversity who want to forget the Brave university Greys. Sorry for all the grammatical mistakes but like the Greys I also left school and joined the Army. Ole Miss ROTC did help me with Map reading during the Gulf War. Love Ole MIss(issippi) The University Greys,Chucky Mullins, Archie Manning,Big Mike, Take a look at history before you just make snap judgments on decisions . Sounds like we need to hire some professors who have ties to Mississippi.

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