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Thursday, May 28, 2015

OSD drafts new budget

The Oxford School District is expected to raise the tax dollars of home owners to help fund the district. A public meeting is scheduled for Monday. (June 12, 2014, Page 1A)

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    1. Ardi says:

      You may have the moral high ground, but they, the Bain ploepe and other “Change Management” types, completely believe in what they are doing, and that thinning out the staff population will be good for the university as a whole. They will justify it by saying that some of us are just more “efficient” than others, and they will pit staff against faculty and say that the university won’t have enough money to continue to attract and keep top faculty if they have to spend it all on staff, and, well, sorry, but you know who will have to go. Nothing personal, you understand, just doing our job, collecting our bonus for reducing university expenses. Once the system breaks due to lack of staff they will be long gone; certainly by the time our unemployment runs out they will have moved on to the next “change” assignment.

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