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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Letters to the Editor

Former Ole Miss Chancellor Robert Khayat writes an open letter to all Mississippians expressing his support for incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran in this week’s Republican primary runoff election. (June 23, 2014, Page 4A)

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    1. Ray Howze says:

      Now that the near fiasco is over, what have we learned? Republicans (the reasonable ones and not the the fanatical dialogues), stop stereotyping African Americans in that they will only vote for Democrats. We are more sophisticated than that. We saw that Mr. McDaniel would have been a disaster for this state and it’s progress and we voted for the best candidate, Senator Cochran. If there are legitimate reasons and you reach out to us, we will respond. Look at the closing numbers, African Americans made the difference. Those of you in the southern counties that did not vote for senator Cochran, how forgetful and ungrateful can a people be. I don’t have to list all the reasons why, you know them. Stop being so easily lead.If not, thank god there were more reasonable voters to save you from yourselves. When you come to your senses, you can thank us later. Democrats that voted, thank you, for those Democrats that did not vote in this primary, stop looking solely at party idealogy, look at the situation and the candidate and vote accordingly. We elected a Gentleman and most importantly, a statesman (right Mr. Khayat) versus a neophyte that doesn’t know shoestring from shinola about what he was getting into. Mississippians, you did good and I am proud of you. Those of you with sour grapes, get over it.

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