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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Walmart eyes WV for new store

Walmart recently announced plans to build a Walmart Express store in Water Valley. This subject has townspeople divided with some for and some against the chain store moving into their small town of 3,500. (April 22, 2014, Page 1)

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    2 Responses to “Walmart eyes WV for new store”

    1. rita says:

      I think everyone should be glad but their that few thats set in their old ways they a so scared that it going to take away from the Larson .there have been many oppurnities for watervalley to grow but some of the citizen along with the mayor blocks everything that tries to come there. JOBS ; STORES ECT.maybe they can get a macdonalds also

    2. Shannon Becker says:

      I believe a walmart for our small town would be a great opportunity for growth and for more jobs here. A lot of ppl here are scared for our town to grow, this is crazy that you wouldn’t want more opportunity for our ppl n young adults.

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