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Friday, May 22, 2015

Parking meters for Taylor Road?

City officials toss around the idea for parking meters on Taylor Road and University Place that they consider a city road to help raise funds for new roads. (April 8, 2014, Page 1)

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    One Response to “Parking meters for Taylor Road?”

    1. Susan Gunn says:

      I think this is a bad idea!
      My family has lived in Oxford for 16 years and pay a lot of taxes ( some We hope goes to infrastructure).
      Many Ole Miss student pay taxes to Oxford indirectly through the taxes on the many apartments
      In town. The alumni also pay taxes on their condos and second homes here. I would hope the apartment owners and condo owners are taxed at least at the rate I am.
      Also the students and alumi don’t use one of the major benefits of the city taxes, public schools.
      Oxford does benefit grately from the university and the students and alumni.
      I would hope the city would sit down with the University and discuss this before unilaterally putting up meters just because they can since it is their property .
      As far as parking meters on Taylor road, I guess during baseball and football games fans would pay?

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