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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Attorneys file Shaw project appeal

Local attorneys are asking the Board of Aldermen to reverse a decision by the Oxford Historic Preservation Commission last week to allow a developer to demolish four outstructures on the historic property. (March 17, 2014, Page 12)

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    One Response to “Attorneys file Shaw project appeal”

    1. sara says:

      Thank you to those who are protesting this matter!

      This situation is just as I commented on earlier on the subject of this property. Whoever is running the destruction show in Oxford’s downtown homes areas is destroying the heart and soul of the “real” Oxford neighborhoods. Someone, more like some people, must be getting plenty of $$$$ in their own pockets to let these things happen.
      Destruction has been going on since the first condos went up on Jefferson and 15th (I believe that’s the no.) back in early 2000s. And who could forget the mess of lies concerning the cottages on 13th that were bulldozed!
      Oxford has treasures to be cared for and respected as part of its history. The sad thing now is that it did “have” more treasures. Remember “The Purple Iris” ?- it was bulldozed for NOTHING!! WHY??
      How many more treasures will you all let the greediest of the greedy, contractors and landlords in cahoots with City “officials” , take control of what belongs to the whole of what Oxford is before it’s ALL gone, except for a foggy memory?
      Get real. Take care of Oxford’s downtown neighborhoods. You want a city, then move!

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