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Friday, May 22, 2015

Mixed reviews for Shaw house project

Plans to renovate the historic Shaw home on East Jackson Avenue, and the 5 acres surrounding it, will be up for review next week by two city commissions. (February 6, 2014, Page 1, 11)

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    One Response to “Mixed reviews for Shaw house project”

    1. sara says:

      Why don’t they just make it, and ALL of the land, a big fat, overcrowded, ridiculously over-priced
      bunch of almost-attached CONDOS (like on opposite side of street going down to University) for MORE STUDENTS W/ RICH PARENTS to pay their costs of living and drinking!

      Don’t even think about people who work in Oxford and are renting from slumlords at EXTREME
      prices for a small piece of falling-down junk! And don’t even consider regular folks –those of us who would LOVE to move back but can’t afford rent!! Don’t even consider affordable, yet stylish
      living for those people!

      We just looked at two types of dumps: one was on Vivian and small for $1300!!
      One was elsewhere for $1100!! It was large but a total wreck!!

      Wake up Oxford…you’re sadly losing your character (or already have lost it)
      and the charm of most of it’s former people have already left, in that many
      “original” i.e. creative Oxonians have left… like us, after 19 beloved years.

      What Oxford is turning into is a Huge Mistake of unregulated growth and building!
      When we visited two weeks ago, there seemed to be no apparent codes nor height
      restrictions in place, that we could recognize as formerly familiar, for building… codes that would produce viable and truly liveable, un-crowded ( read as UN-CLUTTERED) neighborhoods.

      It was a very sad thing to see as we drive around all of our formerly familiar “haunts.”
      Truly depressing to see something so special as “place” die off.

      Hopefully you all who are sadly in charge will leave the lovely St. Peter’s Cemetery ALONE!

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