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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Strickland sentenced to 12 years

On Monday, a circuit court judge sentenced John H. Strickland Jr.  to spend 12 years in prison on one count of aggravated DUI for an wreck that resulted in the deaths of John and Sarah Wheat who were killed in October 2012 after Strickland drove under the influence of several drugs, including huffing an air can, and slammed into the Wheat’s vehicle on Highway 6. Judge Andrew Howorth sentenced Strickland to a 25-year sentence but suspended 13 years, followed by five years of probation during which time if Strickland violates conditions of probation he can be sent back to prison to serve out the remaining 25 years. Read The EAGLE today for the complete story.

  (September 23, 2013)

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    4 Responses to “Strickland sentenced to 12 years”

    1. Jason Darby says:

      Absolutely a disgrace that he received such a partial sentence out of what originally would have been up to fifty years.

    2. Glenda Griffith says:

      I agree with Jason..This is a total disgrace and slap in the face to the memory of these young people and the young people’s family. No, it was not premeditated in the eyes of the law, but in the eyes of God, doing these numerous drugs opened the door to murder about to happen..It certainly was no accident. No excuses! Unfortunately, this will not be taken to as a warning to people on drugs or alcohol..Maybe rightful punishment might!

    3. Gina Hughes says:

      A complete lack of accountability and a complete lack of justice. He committed a crime that resulted in 2 deaths while under the influence. What is wrong with our justice system?

    4. Alex M says:

      You people are a disgrace. How could you talk poorly about a man you dont even know and about a situation you have only read about online where the over exxagerate the truth? So are you saying you’ve never made a mistake in your life? You havent done something youre not proud of? No one has room to talk on the behalf of Mr. Strickland. This was a man who was severly depressed from being away from his parents and younger brother and sister who he was very close to. Just because those drugs were in his system does not mean he was under them at the time of the accident, so please before you make a comment, make sure you know the story. Yes, this is a tragedy and yes I hurt for the Wheat family, but imagine if you were in the Strickland’s family’s shoes right now and what they are going through also. This is a very rightful punishment. John Strickland has no past criminal record or got in the car that morning planning on taking peoples lives. We have people in society today who DO plan on that when they wake up.

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