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Friday, May 22, 2015

Wallace limiting reps in practice early on

VIDEO BLOG: In a sense, he’s sort of being viewed like a pitcher in baseball.

During Friday’s Ole Miss Media Day at the team’s Indoor Practice Facility Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze said quarterback Bo Wallace is on a pitch count of sorts.

After undergoing offseason surgery on his shoulder, the Rebels aren’t taking any chances with the junior. During today’s first practice of fall camp, Wallace was limited to just 50 throws. As camp progresses — and as long as there are no injury setbacks — that number will continue to climb.

“Bo is obviously practicing but we’re charting every throw he makes. We’re just going to try and progressively build him into it,” Freeze said. “We tried to limit him to 50 throws. We were a little under that and we’ll continue to that and kind of judge his progress and his soreness. The soreness he does feel right now is not in the surgically repaired area, so that’s a good sign. It’s just that he probably hasn’t done enough and it’s down in his elbow area. I think he’ll be fine and ready to go.”

Wallace said practice went well from his perspective. He said his bicep was a little sore but it was probably from a lack of work over the spring and summer.

“I think as long I don’t feel pain in my joints, pain in my elbow, we can throw with a little soreness but anytime it moves to my elbow I’ll stop,” he said.

 Moving forward, Wallace said it’ll be important to remain relaxed when throwing.
“Sometimes I try to muscle up and that’s when I get into trouble,” he said. “As long as I stay relaxed and I feel good I’m putting it pretty much wherever I want it.”

Less reps for Wallace means more reps for senior Barry Brunetti, but, possibly more importantly, freshmen Devante Kincade and Ryan Buchanan.

“Got our young quarterbacks some good reps this morning,” Freeze said. “Both Devante and Ryan did some good things. Obviously they’re swimming a bit when you try to go into some of our tempo stuff and everything is new to them.”

In a perfect world the Rebels would like to redshirt both freshmen, but because of numerous reasons both players will need to see plenty of work during fall camp.

“My goal would be to redshirt both, but I’ve seen it in a game where two quarterbacks go down with finger injuries or hand injuries and so you have to get another one ready to play for sure,” Freeze said. “I would love to redshirt both of them. They got a lot of reps today and will continue to. We’ll try to develop them to be ready to go but we hope it doesn’t get to that point.”

Added co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Dan Wernerduring one-on-one interviews:  ”You have to have (playable depth at quarterback). Not just because of the surgery. That adds to it, but in our league with our type of scheme, we run our quarterback and there’s always that chance that one hit and somebody else has to go in.”

Checkout the video with Wallace below. In addition to talking about his health and first practice he also discusses expectations surrounding the team:

Ole Miss continues preseason camp Saturday. The Rebels will begin opening practice to the public on Monday.

For more on Wallace and the Rebels during fall camp, be sure to pick up the print edition of the Oxford EAGLE.

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