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Sunday, December 21, 2014

5.7.2013 OPC baseball results

The following are results from Tuesday’s Oxford Park Commission youth baseball action played at FNC Park:

Mets 6, Rockies 4
No information provided.

Pirates 18, Cubs 8
No information provided.

White Sox 17, Indians 16
No information provided.

Royals 7, Mariners 6
No information provided.

Cubs 9, Tigers 3
Hustle: Cubs—Tracy Harris. Tigers—Michael Patterson.

Hitting: Cubs—Michael Kincaid. Tigers—Braden Malone.

Fielding: Cubs—Semmes Dorrell. Tigers—William Kincaid.

Marlins 9, Rays 0
Hustle: Marlins—Cameron Lee. Rays—Russ Eddins.

Hitting: Marlins—Lewis Smith. Rays—CharlesAkujobi.

Fielding: Marlins—Vaiden Ellis. Rays—Max Michael.

Padres 6, Red Sox 5
Hustle: Padres—Lawton Rhodes. Red Sox—Riley Gill.

Hitting: Padres—Currie Rogers. Red Sox—Jack Dye.

Fielding: Padres—Everhett Van Every. Red Sox—Hayden Moore.

Nationals 12, Blue Jays 5
Hustle: Nationals—Patrick Murphy. Blue Jays—Xyland Tyson.

Hitting: Nationals—Josh Neilson. Blue Jays—Jackson Newman.

Fielding: Nationals—Easton Henry. Blue Jays—Aidan Patel.

11-12 LEAGUE
Reds 3, Mariners 2
No information provided.

Rockies 7, Rays 5
Hitting: Rockies—Robert Culpepper one triple. Rays—Wil Bunch one triple; Winn Bridgers one double.

White Sox 4, Padres 3
Hitting: White Sox—Zekerion Owens three singles; Hunter Coleman one single. Padres—Hayden Hopper one single.

Phillies 9, Cardinals 8
Hitting: Phillies—Keaton McIntosh two doubles; Whitman Rowland one double; Walt Burge one single; Ben Harper one single; Levi Lott one single; Wilcox one triple. Cardinals—Benjamin Adams three singles; Hunter Boone one single. (May 8, 2013, Page 9A)

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