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Saturday, May 30, 2015

05.23.2013 OPC baseball results

The following are scores and stats from Oxford Park Commission youth baseball games played Thursday at FNC Park:

Twins 15, Yankees 11
Pirates 14, Brewers 6
Indians 11, Royals 6
Hustle MVP: Indians—Tatum Jackson Bailey. Royals—Tanner Bass.

Hitting MVP: Indians—Aiden Jackson. Royals—Nathan Harrison

Fielding MVP: Indians—Aleck Farmer. Royals—Deacon Downs.

Reds 8, Mets 8
Hustle MVP: Reds—Sam Lewis. Mets—Andrew Paysinger.

Hitting MVP: Reds—Emmanuel Wadlington. Mets—Ra’Shaun Elzy.

Fielding MVP: Reds—Brendan O’Dowd. Mets—Balin Bishop.

Marlins 13, Braves 5
Nationals 14, Rays 3

Hustle MVP: Nationals—Brooks Hamm. Rays—Jacob Catil.

Hitting MVP: Nationals—Josh Neilson. Rays—Ethan Knight.

Fielding MVP: Davis O’Dowd. Rays—Russ Eddins.

Cardinals 8, Giants 7
Hitting: Cardinals—Jonahsia Jackson single, Ja’Evan Smith single, Lucas Jordan single, Don Rogers single. Giants—Jay Wenger two singles, Hays Larson double.

Diamondbacks 7, Dodgers 5
Hitting: Diamondbacks—Chris McCullough single, home run, Nelson Brown single. Dodgers—Colt Gafford double, John-Freeman O’Keefe single, Ryan Sockwell single, Brooks Fuller single.

Mariners 6, White Sox 4
Hitting: White Sox—Luke Phillips single. No other information reported.

Reds 8, Phillies 7
Hitting: Reds—John Allen Lagrone single, Graham Davis single. Phillies—Ben Harper double, Dylan Yancy double, Levi Lott single, Keaton McIntosh double, Don Fruge single, Patton Burge single.

Padres 8, Rays 4
Hitting: Padres—Hayden Hopper double, Frank Yerger double, Trevor Turner double. Rays—Jacob Roussau double, Winn Bridgers single, Bruce Davis single.

Cardinals 12, Rockies 5
Hitting: Cardinals—Trent Collier single, Jonathan Masters single. Rockies—Creighton Lee two singles, Kiyon Williams triple, Robert Culpepper single, Haeden Overby single, Matt Callicutt single.

13-15 LEAGUE
Blue Devils 14, Tigers 7
Braves 10, Cubs 9
Hitting: Braves—Jimmy Green single, Tyler Bass single, Will Farmer single, Landon Reed Robison single, Will Daniels single, double. Cubs—Devin Satterwhite single, Drew Ursic single, Logan Russell single, Matt Sink single, Barry Flowers triple. (May 24, 2013, Page 7A)

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